Higher is Waiting

We’re excited to unveil our latest logo redesign project with Higher is Waiting, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, equipping, and empowering individuals to live according to their life’s purpose by providing necessary resources and faith-based events. 

Effective branding and logo design is pivotal to any organization’s success, and we’re proud to have contributed to Higher is Waiting’s visual identity. Partnering with Jayden and his team was a truly rewarding experience—their commitment to their cause is truly inspiring, and we are grateful for the opportunity to support their journey.

About Higher is Waiting

Welcome to Higher is Waiting, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to reach their fullest potential. Our mission is to create opportunities for growth, education, and transformation, inspiring positive change and fostering a brighter future for all.

Branding Identity Sheet

Our rebranding efforts include:

New Logo: A dynamic logo that captures the essence of our mission and vision. We’ve developed several logo variations to ensure versatility and consistency across all platforms.

Branding Colors: A thoughtfully selected color palette that conveys warmth, hope, and aspiration, aligning perfectly with our organizational goals.

Typeface: Carefully chosen fonts that enhance readability and reinforce our brand’s personality and tone.

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