Renaissance Grooming Lounge

We initiated a rebrand for Renaissance Grooming Lounge, commencing with their brand identity, color scheme, typography, and tone/voice. This comprehensive approach enabled us to deliver prestigious web development and design, a revamped logo, business cards, portraits, videography, and additional elements to enhance their brand presence.

At Renaissance Grooming Lounge, they believe in providing their clients with more than just a haircut. Their team of experienced barbers and stylists aims to create a modern and luxurious experience that focuses on the art of men's grooming.

Video Introduction

The Renaissance Grooming Lounge website features a video introduction showcasing the exceptional quality of work offered by Renaissance. Visitors can experience the prestige and class of Renaissance’s services right from the website. This video was also created by Up Creative Media.


The website showcases captivating photography of the barbers, customers, and clients experiencing grooming services, all skillfully captured by Up Creative Media.

Fully Custom (No Templates)

The website was entirely crafted and designed using custom elements, ensuring that no templates were utilized in its creation to reflect the elevated experience offered by Renaissance Grooming Lounge.

Full-width imagery 

The website displays full-width imagery to enhance the UX/UI experience for visitors, with a focus on providing an engaging experience for both current and prospective clients.

Luxury Grooming Lounge Barbershop Design​

We embarked on a full-scale rebranding journey for the client, starting with refining their brand identity, color palette, typography, and tone/voice. This holistic approach empowered us to deliver a high-caliber web development and design, refreshed logo, business cards, professional portraits, engaging videography, and other enhancements to elevate their brand presence. Our approach embodies our commitment to fostering meaningful partnerships and ensuring our clients’ success.

Responsive Website Renaissance Grooming Lounge

Responsive Website

Our dedication to creating an engaging and effortless online experience is evident in every detail of our client’s website. Whether you’re using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, our responsive design ensures seamless access to our services, beautiful imagery, and effortless connection. Embrace the Renaissance experience anywhere, anytime, and on any device, as we’re committed to ensuring your journey with us is exceptional.

Revised Logo Design

We’ve reimagined their logo to embody sophistication and refinement, reflecting the elevated experience they provide. Their revamped logo features a refreshed logo mark, typography, and placement, crafted to evoke their prestige and class. Each element has been thoughtfully designed to align seamlessly with their commitment to delivering an exceptional grooming experience. Explore the epitome of sophistication with their revitalized logo, symbolizing the pinnacle of grooming excellence.

Business Card Renaissance Grooming Lounge

Business Cards

Their business card design reflects a perfect harmony of refinement and simplicity. With a clean, minimalist aesthetic, our cards emanate sophistication, echoing the elevated experience they provide. The sleek design and meticulous attention to detail speak volumes about their dedication to delivering a grooming experience of unparalleled quality. Embrace the essence of prestige with their business cards, symbolizing their deep commitment to fostering meaningful connections and supporting their customers success every step of the way.

Barbers Renaissance Grooming Lounge

Barber Headshots

At Renaissance Grooming Lounge, their dedicated to exceeding your expectations at every turn. Our exclusive headshot service helped elevate their business brand and make a lasting impact. These professional headshots, thoughtfully captured by our team, embody our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service. Please note that this service is an optional add-on and is not included in our standard packages, providing an opportunity for those looking to enhance their brand further.

Website Renaissance Grooming Lounge

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